System for remote monitoring of instruments in hospitals

  • Provides remote access
  • History for long term patient observations
  • Strict cyber security considerations


VentConnect is a new telemedicine application, which enables remote monitoring of lung ventilators and vital functions monitors. The remote access simplifies communication between experts in ventilation and clinicians who provide healthcare at the patient's bed.

Main features that the system provides, are:

  • Remote access - It is possible to monitor all instruments without entrance to the infectious zone.
  • Record history - Application stores short recordings of the instruments' screen and shows the history to the users. Clinicians can make more accurate diagnoses and judge the change in time.
  • Cyber security - Patient data are strictly anonymized. The system works in a dedicated network, separate from the internal network of the hospital.

Project official website

VentConnect official website:

Project VentConnect is developed in cooperation with Královské Vinohrady Hospital, Prague, and Czech Technical University in Prague.